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We are the Archipelago Collective

Archipelago Collective’s mission is to bring world-class chamber music to San Juan Island, providing a creative retreat for our musicians and a unique and enriching experience for our audience.

Archipelago Collective's vision is to be an integral part of the rich artistic community on San Juan Island. Our annual chamber music festival provides world-class musicians the time and freedom to explore small ensemble music and delve into the creative process. Throughout the week we perform in various venues at which intimacy and interaction with the audience are foremost. In avoiding the traditional concert hall paradigm, Archipelago Collective presents classical chamber music in a way that invites audience participation and inquiry. We strongly believe in the value of music education; we give presentations at local schools and our concerts are free to all students. 

Our musicians gather on San Juan Island from around the US and Canada to draw inspiration from the stunning natural surroundings, deeply engage in the process of making music, and share in the experience with the community.

Archipelago Collective takes its name from the San Juan Islands, clustered in the Salish Sea between Washington State and British Columbia. Archipelago Collective is a registered Nonprofit, under the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act Chapter 24.03 RCW, and a 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

Board of Directors

Peter Coggan - President

Susan Joslyn

Anni Hochhalter

Sophie Baird-Daniel

Dana Jackson

Thoughts from the audience

"The Schubert Quintet was beautifully played - with spirit and affection. An inspired performance. Your concerts are always a joy. Thank you for bringing great music to the Island.​"

"Thank you for the concerts.  Huzzah to you and your colleagues! Absolutely amazing!  I don't remember enjoying chamber music as much as I did this last weekend despite the fact it's once of my favorite forms of music."

"Your performance is just so enveloping, the best way to experience extreme talent."

"The vitality and depth of feeling of the whole program were quite moving." 


"It truly was a wonderful afternoon - full of great music, professionally played and most definitely enjoyed."


"Last night was incredible. ... I have received nothing but calls all day telling me that the museum MUST continue such programming."


"The Spiegel im Spiegel performance was extraordinary. Loved how Rory breathed in slowly and then exhaled at the end of each cycle. And even though the string breaking was unexpected and scary, I have to say that I loved what it did within the piece. Massive opening followed in my own experience, a fabulous tearing of the fabric. ... Just really delighted that you are all doing what you are doing."

"It was so beautiful, and [they] all are not just fantastic musicians, but wonderful teachers as well."


Thoughts from the musicians

"AC is the ideal place to practice and perform, and it was a joy to bring music to the audiences of Friday Harbor!" 

"We musicians thirst for restorative, joyful experiences like the one we had as part of Archipelago Collective. Taking rehearsal breaks to watch a group of orcas swim by or watch a bald eagle eat its lunch--that's something you really can't get anywhere else."

"...the setting provided no shortage of musical inspiration."

"When it comes to the most ideal place to make beautiful music, you can't beat San Juan Island and the Archipelago Collective. Divine."


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