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Many Thanks

Archipelago Collective benefits from a diverse group of individual donors, corporate partners, granting organizations, and volunteers. We are deeply grateful for the generous support we receive. Become a supporter today and keep our world-class musicians coming back to San Juan Island!

 If you are interested in directly supporting a specific musician or concert, click on the links below, fill in the appropriate amount and leave a note regarding your sponsorship recipient. 


Bronze $250 - $499

Jerome & Judith Alhadeff

Norma Andreadis

Sophie Baird-Daniel

Molly Bauer

Cathy Cloutier & Scott McKay

Antoinette Cordell

Jill Goldring

Nancy Jones

Anni Hochhalter

Clare & Ed Kelm

Sharon Lannan

Anne Marshall

Alan Mitchell & Susan Jackson

Rachel Merz & Brian Clark

Jeff & Gail Neeley

Boyd & Lovel Pratt

Jim Truman & Lynn Riddford

Clarice Sackett & Chuck Jackson

Silver $500 - 999

Jane Adam

Luke Bakken

Steve Buck

Nathan Chan

Linda Chowdry

Allison Cullen

Linda & Rick Grimes

Walter & Ruth MacGinitie

Anna Mari Cauce

Farhad Ghatan

Shan Guisinger

Sarah Kienle

Rich Komen

Kirsten Johnson

Melissa Jonas

Martha Salot

Jill & Teric Staton

Dana & Linda Sundberg

Gold $1000 - $4999

Ann Adam

Phyllis Adelman

Karen Brattesani

Kayla & Drew Brodkin

The Burke Family

Catherine & Richard Barnhart

Janet & John Bauer

Lisa Holley and Jim Bauer

Frances Lyle

Trish Morse

Don Pollard & Dave Ralston

Bruce & Gail Rankin

Maureen Ryan

Sylvia Skratek

Billie Swalla


Platinum $5000+

Peter Coggan

Tom Daniel

Anne Dorman & Annette Tracy

Craig Graham

Kathryn Hahn

Carolyn Haugen

Susan Joslyn

Gary & Susan Sterner

Corporate Partners


Jane Baird

Molly Bauer

Hanna Burke

Ingrid Cooper

Tom Daniel

Anne Guion

Elise Hochhalter

Albert & Margaret Hall

Yumi Hiraga & Keith Cohon

Juan & Heidi Lopez

Trish Morse

Clarice Sackett

Jennifer Small

Archipelago Collective is a registered Nonprofit, under the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act Chapter 24.03 RCW, and a 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

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